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Cosmetic Surgery Images For Presentations

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Cosmetic Surgery Images For Presentations

Speedpix provides the best plastic surgery images for presentations in a format which enables you, during your presentation, to access & display the images "at the speed of thought" ...

You know a picture is worth a thousand words but what’s the point of having that killer picture for the presentation if it’s not right there when you need it to overcome an objection or to answer a question. That’s why we invented Speedpix.

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Speedpix is the revolutionary new way to get your most impactful medical images in front of your customers or your patients right when you need them without having to go through a linear series of slow ads like those other programs you know about. It doesn’t matter where the conversation goes or what question you get asked. You can now instantly answer anything with the backup of a powerful image or video.

Got the picture? When it comes to needing cosmetic surgery images for presentations, get Speedpix!

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There are several forms of fat on the body. The type of fat that can be treated with Liposuction is called subcutaneous fat. This is fat that is directly below the skin, is very soft and "jiggly" like the "Before" you'll see in the above picture and millions of other online cosmetic surgery images, and this is usually unresponsive to diet and exercise. Many people who are within 10-15 kilograms of their goal weight have this type of fat on the abdomen, arms, back, inner thighs and chin area. For those with excess fat on the outer thighs, typically this fat is not as soft as fat on the abdomen/back/arm areas, however this may still be effectively treated using a Liposuction applicator for non-pinchable fat.
The type of fat that Liposuction cannot treat is visceral fat which is around the organs in the abdomen areas, as well as "brown fat" which is typically reduced with diet and exercise.
Liposuction is a very effective method of fat reduction because the fat is physically removed from the body. It is an invasive and non-natural procedure, which typically involves the loss of blood, requires anaesthesia, surgical incisions which may result in scars, and several months of recovery time.
As an alternative to liposuction, freezing the Fat does not have any of these drawbacks and has had zero long term adverse events in over 3 million cases treated which is why patients may find that Fat Freezing is a less invasive choice.

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Your nose is the focal point of your face. It provides symmetry and helps enhance your face’s attractive features. Unfortunately, the nose you were born with might not be the right one. Additionally, medical problems and accidental injury can alter the shape and appearance of your nose. Luckily, rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a safe and effective plastic surgery solution.
Getting a nose job, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, and for good reason. If you're suffering anxiety about your appearance due to your proboscis, a "nose job" is a great way to increase your confidence, look fabulous, and maybe even help you breathe better.
Rhinoplasty is also one of the most difficult of all surgeries.
It’s not technically difficult like some things such as voice surgery or microsurgery. But it is considered to be among the hardest surgeries because it requires so much experience and judgement. There are dozens and dozens of small decisions to made in each nose job, and it is the sum of all of these choices that gives you the final result. As they say, one wrong move …
Since so many variables are involved, and because any surgery is to some degree subject to the body’s natural healing processes, there is a chance that the end result may not be as intended. In fact, some studies show that even when the work is done by expert surgeons there is upwards of a 15% risk of needing something adjusted afterwards.

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Cosmetic dentistry techniques are now more conservative than ever before. Especially when coupled with rapid orthodontic prealignment even the most radical transformation can still be minimally invasive.
So whether you wish to straighten crowded teeth, close gaps, change gum levels or replacing missing teeth, it’s amazing how much can be done. Across a wide variety of services, it truly encompasses a range of revolutionary dental techniques which are proving ever-more popular.
Successful cosmetic dentistry is not just make-up for teeth. For a smile to be attractive, confident and lasting, the health of the teeth, gums and freshness of breath is just as important as the appearance of the teeth.
In most cosmetic dental clinics, a seamless process has been developed to transform your computer-designed smile into a 3D preview model, which in turn is recreated in the final result. Clients are invited to give feedback at every step of the way. All this careful planning ensures the most predictable results possible.
So when it comes to cosmetic surgery images the dental field has contributed many stunning and persuasive pictures at the cutting edge of medical images for presentations.

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People travel for a myriad of reasons – for business, for vacation, for weddings/funerals/reunions. But medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular, especially for people coming in developed nations.
Countries like America, the UK, and Australia may have some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world, but the cost of getting cosmetic surgery is extremely prohibitive. Most people simply can’t afford it.
But developing nations like Thailand, India, Mexico, Brazil, and the Philippines offer a cost-effective solution. In these countries, the cost of living is much lower – and so is the cost of cosmetic surgery.
Breast augmentation is the second most popular type of cosmetic surgery, but since the rise of Instagram influencers, social media has caused most forms of cosmetic surgery to grow significantly in popularity.
One of the hardest things about getting breast augmentation in another country is knowing where to get it. If you’re not a local, you’ll need to rely on your research skills to find you the best doctor for the job.
Thankfully, there are many resources at our Western fingertips. Websites like Medigo, What Clinic, and My Medi Travel match people to an overseas clinic, doctor, or hospital that specialises in breast augmentation. These websites vet their listings and collect reviews from former patients, so people can make an informed decision.

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Eye surgery is not about Westernising the eyelid. It is about creating definition in the upper eyelid. Revisional and corrective upper eyelid surgery for the eyelid will preserve and enhance the natural character of the eye whether a person has a double fold or no fold. It is essential that a potential cosmetic surgeon carefully listens to their patient's concerns and help them to understand what is possible so that the two of them can arrive at an appropriate individual treatment plan.
An eyelid surgery doctor should have extensive experience treating a wide range of concerns for diverse eyes and should have an extensive portfolio featuring before-and-after eyelid surgery photos that demonstrate a versatile surgical skillset. Patients should make sure that their doctor has a strong educational and fellowship background, as well as years of experience specialising in various forms of cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgeries. An expert in treating aesthetic facial concerns will be able to ensure that the results of their eyelid surgery blend harmoniously with the rest of a patient's features.

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Sex reassignment surgery (SRS), also known as gender reassignment surgery (GRS) and several other names such as gender confirmation surgery is a range of surgical procedures (which can incorporate cosmetic surgery procedures) by which a transgender person's physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to resemble that socially associated with their identified gender.
Professional medical organizations have established Standards of Care that apply before someone can apply for and receive reassignment surgery, including psychological evaluation, and a period of real-life experience living in the desired gender.
Feminisation surgeries are surgeries that result in anatomy that is typically gendered female. These surgeries include vaginoplasty, feminising augmentation mammoplasty, orchiectomy, facial feminisation surgery, reduction thyrochondroplasty (tracheal shave), and voice feminization surgery among others.
Masculinization surgeries are surgeries that result in anatomy that is typically gendered male. These surgeries include chest masculinisation surgery (top surgery), metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, scrotoplasty, and hysterectomy.
In addition to SRS, patients may need to follow a lifelong course of masculinizing or feminizing hormone replacement therapy.

Speedpix provides the best cosmetic surgery images for presentations in a format which enables you, during your presentation, to access & display the images "at the speed of thought".