Breakthrough Influencing Software for Presentations


Sequential linear slide shows can be

  • Tedious, inflexible and slow to navigate
  • Difficult to switch from a slide in one presentation to a slide in another.


  • Answer questions & objections fast
  • Communicate with less effort & more impact
  • Answer questions and answer objections with instant pictures or videos

If you own PowerPoint, you need SpeedPix too!

Boost your sales, influence & impress your client, customer or audience

Get more business at tradeshows & exhibitions
Answer questions with instant images
Vastly improve client understanding and proposal acceptance
Amaze & impress small groups with your responses


  • speedpix-features-icons-6

    Instantly swap to any presentation.

  • speedpix-features-icons-4

    Cut to the chase and immediately access your most important slides by pressing Ctrl.

  • speedpix-features-icons-1

    Automatic Presenter keeps SpeedPix working when no-one is using the keyboard.

  • speedpix-features-icons-5

    Easily add your own images from a thumb drive, C drive or email.

  • speedpix-features-icons-2

    Rapidly add captions and scripts to any slide.

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    Consistent, accurate and synchronized information is given to customers, no matter who the sales rep is.

Who is SpeedPix for?

For anyone presenting information targeted to the customer -

  • speedpix-user-icons-5

    Educators & lecturers

  • speedpix-user-icons-2

    Sales managers wanting a consistent message

  • speedpix-user-icons-3

    Field sales representatives

  • speedpix-user-icons-4


  • speedpix-user-icons-1

    Health professionals

  • speedpix-user-icons-6

    Tradeshow exhibitors


  • Use your keyboard in a whole new way you have not thought of before.
  • Combining a number and a letter creates more locations than you will ever need to instantly access any picture or video you want.
  • Easily find your images, simply pressing the spacebar to show the menu of presentations.
  • A presentation can be a single image or a video or an all-day lecture with hundreds of slides.
  • Easily use SpeedPix in tablet mode to get a touch screen experience.

Switch between up to with just 2 keystrokes


It’s as easy as A,B,C to remember where your images are...

Build your presentation fast with our optional industry based medical images packs

It doesn't matter where the conversation goes SpeedPix helps you deliver the result.